Talos Plus – Under-car Bomb Detector

Intelsec is proud to announce its latest addition in the fight against terrorism TALOSPLUS, is currently under development.

With the knowledge gained from supplying over 11,800 TALOS Under Car Device detection systems around the World, Intelsec has the undeniable pedigree to offer the very latest in personal security:-TALOSPLUS utilises an exciting new technology for detecting IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) which are attached, by any means, to the under body of vehicles.

TALOSPLUS operates using a sophisticated mix of anomaly detection and acoustic noise reduction technologies TALOSPLUS technology uses Acoustic Signature Measurement that monitors the factors that make up the resonant frequencies of a vehicle. If any of these are changed by the placement of a device on a vehicle then the resonant frequency of vibration will also be altered, which once verified, would result in an alarm condition.


With this optional system, a new level of user safety and security is added to the TALOSplus system. Utilising the latest GSM systems, TaNS will notify up to three mobile phone numbers of alarms conditions via a range of both preset & user defined SMS text messages, providing users with a remote alarm warning over the GSM network.

Talos Under Car Bomb Detector 4
Talos Under Car Bomb Detector 1

Technical Specification

  • Power: 12 – 24VDC 1 Ma
  • Operational Temperature Range: -25o C to +85o C
  • R.F.I.* protected 0-30 Mhz 200V/M 3-80 Mhz 50V/M
    80-500 Mhz 20V/M
  • Self-Test: TALOSplus self tests on arming

Applications Include

  • Effective detection of under car IED’s
  • R.F.I.* tested
  • Multi sensor array to effectively protect a wide range of vehicles
  • Visual notification of alarm status via discreet, but easy to read LED display
  • Integrated GSM/SMS text messaging system via TaNS (optional, see below)
Talos Under Car Bomb Detector 3

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