Intelsec is dedicated to the application of advanced security technology

Intelsec (Intelligent Security Limited) is based in Shefford, Bedfordshire, with regional offices in the UK, Middle East, South Africa, Australia and the USA.

Intelsec is at the forefront of the design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced sensing and detection technologies particularly in the fight against illegal immigration and the threat of concealed improvised explosive devices (IED’s) on vehicles. We have executed projects with the Military, Government, Correctional, and many industries and major corporates and continue to be highly successful.

Intelsec is dedicated to the application of advanced technology to meet stringent security demands through the development of intelligent electronics, security and detection products.

A Small Selection Of Our Products

Talos Under Car Bomb Detector 4

Talos Plus – Under-car Bomb Detector

Talos Under Car Bomb Detector 3

Talos – Under-car Bomb Detector

Border control officers attaching Heartbeat.

Heartbeat – Human Detection System

Intelsec has one main goal – to continue to create reliable high-end security and detection systems, encapsulating the latest software and hardware technologies.

Using the latest digital signal processing and embedded computer techniques, Intelsec has developed a new generation of award-winning, innovative and reliable products.  Most recently developments have led to one of these being designated a ‘Millennium Product’ by the Design Council of the Department of Trade and Industry and significant coverage by technology programmes on national television.  Additionally, in 2003 the Company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Industry, in the Innovation category.

Intelsec has a network of overseas representatives providing access to our technology, worldwide.

Our Latest News

Bomb under PSNI officer’s car at Belfast golf club ‘intended to kill’
Bomb under PSNI officer’s car at Belfast golf club ‘intended to kill’ 660 371 Intelsec (Intelligent Security Ltd)