Fire Sentry - SS4-A Multi-Spectrum™ Electro-Optical Digital Fire and Flame Detector

General Info

The model SS4-A represents the world’s pre-eminent UV/IR technology for Electro-Optical Flame Detectors with thousands successfully operating in a multitude of installations worldwide.

This Multi-Spectrum Detector senses radiant energy in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and Wide Band Infrared (IR) spectrum. The radiant energy from all types of fires will alert the detector to their presence. The field of view is the widest in the industry with a 120° cone of vision. This means each detector can cover more hazard area. The greater sensitivity also increases the volume covered by each detector, up to four times more than other detectors. Using sophisticated microprocessor signal processing algorithms with complete spectrum information, a high degree of immunity to false alarms from arc welding, corona discharge and other common UV sources are achieved.

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