Heartbeat - Human Detection System

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Illegal immigration continues to remain a serious problem, putting severe strain on customs and immigration as well as police, prison authorities, and freight operators.

intelsec's Heartbeat Detection System was developed to provide a unique and virtually unbeatable method of detection. The elegantly simple solution relies on the fact that everyone has a heartbeat! By utilising extremely sensitive geophones (seismic sensors), and digital signalling software, it was found that the beat of a human heart could be detected through the chassis of a vehicle, whether empty or laden. The system is so sensitive that when suitably tuned it can detect the presence of a mouse!

Non-expert personnel can carry out checks, swiftly and accurately. The appropriate number of geophones are placed externally on the vehicle and attached to a ruggedised, touchscreen PC. Once activated a pass or fail signal is given within 30 seconds. The system is now in use at many European ports, border crossings and secure establishments.

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