Fire Sentry - FS7 IR/IR Digital Fire Detection System

General Info

It's no secret that semiconductor clean room environments contain exotic chemicals and other volatile materials which present extremely hazardous fire risks. Wet benches, electrically heated chemicals and pyrophoric gases are obvious high-risk fire sources.. and a known potential for catastrophic losses.

Fire Sentry's FS7 Fire Detectors see all types of fires. Fire Sentry's electro-optical fire detection technology, with multi-spectral Wide Band IR, Near Band IR and Visible Band sees all hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires, even through the gases and vapors found in chemical wet benches.

Fire Sentry's unique two-stage fire detection response is the answer. The ALERT first stage response initiates audible and visible signals, notifying the operator that a fire exists. If the fire does not self-extinguish, the second stage ALARM activates and signals for immedidate suppression release and wet bench shutdown, if required.

Product Photos

Fire Sentry Models

FS18 Electro Optical Fire Detector

The latest generation high technology Multi-Spectrum TriBand™ (IR/IR/Visible) Fire and Flame Detector Click Here


Multi-Spectrum IR/IR/VIS fire and flame detector with the addition of a proven UV solar-blind sensor. Click Here

SS4 - Electro Optical Fire Detector

Sophisticated algorithms and dual microprocessors ensure the FS24X has the highest fire detection performance. Click Here

FS10R - Electro Optical Fire Detector

The FS10-R Unitised is the next generation Multi-Spectral Electro-Optical flame detector Click Here

SS4 - Electro Optical Fire Detector

The SS4-A represents the world’s pre-eminent UV/IR technology for Electro-Optical Flame Detectors Click Here

SS4AUV - Electro Optical Fire Detector

The Model SS4 represents the leading edge technology for UV optical flame detectors. Click Here

SS2AM - SS2AML - Electro Optical Fire Detector

The model SS2-AM and SS2-AML represent the leading edge for Ultra-High Speed response optical fire detectors Click Here