Fire Sentry - FS20X Multi-Spectrum IR/IR/UV Fire and Flame Detector

General Info

The new Model FS20X is the latest generation high technology Multi-Spectrum (IR/IR/UV/Visible) Fire and Flame Detector, which is part of Fire Sentry´s new FSX family of advanced technology Electro-Optical Fire Detectors. Based on the foundation of highly successful and reliable SS4 detector, the new FS20X Detector represents a quantum leap in integrating Infrared and Ultraviolet sensing technologies. The FS20X is a Multi-Spectrum IR/IR/VIS fire and flame Detector with the addition of a proven UV solar-blind sensor. The FS20X exhibits faster, false-alarm free response to fires over a wider temperature range and with a much longer detection range compare to conventional UV/IR detectors.

Conventional and older technology UV/IR detectors, using narrow band 4.3 micron IR sensors, will not respond to smoky fires or if the detector lens is contaminated with oil and other substances since both UV and 4.3 micron signals are attenuated, obscured or absorbed by thick smoke or detector lens contaminations. Also, these old technology UV/IR detectors will not alarm to any fire if they are installed behind ordinary window glass.

The new FS20X Detector using advanced patented algorithms for signal processing and fire and flame analysis is designed to alarm to all types of fires, hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon, in all industrial environmental conditions. If the Detector´s UV signal is degraded due to heavy smoke, contaminated lens or blocked by ordinary window glass, the FS20X´s patented WideBand IR™, Near Band IR and Visible sensors will still alarm to fire but at a reduced sensitivity and slower response time.

Dual microprocessors provide a high level of fail-safe operation combined with fast and reliable performance. The Master Microprocessor performs high-speed digital sampling and signal processing calculations; while the slave microprocessor handles various sensor data, performs communications, self-diagnostics and provides interface versatility; and additional memory for storing Event Log and FirePic™ data.

The FS20X Detector has a detection range in excess of 200 feet (Very High Sensitivity setting) for the detection of a one square-foot Heptane reference fire and has a cone of vision greater in volumetric coverage than most UV/IR Detectors. This means fewer Detectors can be used as compared to other manufacturers´ Detectors.

Product Photos

  • Firesentry FS20-X
  • Firesentry FS20-X
  • Firesentry FS20-X
  • Firesentry FS20-X

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