The forefront of under-car IED protection.
The simple & discreet Talos system is currently protecting over 11,000 lives worlwide.
Advanced border control sensing technology.
Heartbeat is an important and invaluable weapon in the fight against illegal immigration.
Neutralise the destructive threat of fire.
Protecting vital assests with Fire Sentry can prevent catastrophic damage to your business.

HeartBeat - Human Detection System

A unique and virtually unbeatable method of heartbeat detection through the chassis of a vehicle.

Talos - Under-car Bomb Detector

Talos is a highly effective under-car IED detection system, which currently protects 11,800 lives worldwide.

Talos Plus - Under-car Bomb Detector

Intelsec are currently developing the latest addition in the fight against terrorism - Talos Plus.

Fire Sentry - Fire Detection

Fire Sentry is a world leader with a range of Electro-Optical Fire Detection Technology.